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5 Star Technical Recruiting Services

NTI Group is a Technical Recruiting agency that provides direct hire services to companies in the High Tech space.

Our Services

NTI Specialties

AI/ML & Data Science

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • Data Engineer

  • Data Architect

  • Business Intelligence Developer

  • Product Manager

  • ML Engineer

Cloud Computing

  • Back End Developer

  • Front End Developer

  • Full-Stack Developer

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Cloud Engineer

  • Cloud Architect

  • Cloud Security Analyst

  • Software Engineer

  • System Engineer


  • Cybersecurity Engineer

  • Cybersecurity Architect

  • Malware Analyst

  • Security Software Developer

  • Computer Forensics Analyst


  • Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain Solutions Architect

  • Blockchain Project Manager

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer

What we do

NTI Group is a full-service staffing and recruiting agency that partners with various companies in the Technology space. We provide our partners with technical resources who are experts in the following areas: AI/ML & Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Blockchain. 

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