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What we do:

NTI Group is a full-service staffing and recruiting agency that partners with various companies in the Technology space. We provide our partners with technical resources who are experts in the following areas: AI/ML & Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Blockchain. Our team has vast experience matching brands with ideal candidates, who thrive once placed at their new position.


Whether you need new, high quality talent at your firm, or you’re trying to take the next step in your career, NTI Group has the necessary resources to provide you with an excellent experience.

Data Processing

Why Partner with us: 

Our team continues to establish valuable relationships with clients and candidates alike. We have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and personalized service, which we capitalize on with every search we conduct. As our team continues to grow, we remain committed to providing the best service possible.


Discovering and maintaining strong technical talent is vital to our business, and our success is a reflection of our focus and efforts.

Recruiting Process:

NTI Group's recruiting process consists of several steps: 


In this initial stage, our team of recruiters will review the job description(s) provided by the client and evaluate key skills that they will need to apply to the search.

Client Review

Next, the client will review the candidates provided by our recruiters and decide which individuals they would like to conduct internal interviews with.The progression of this step is based on the client's preference.


After the assessment, our experienced team of recruiters will begin searching for top notch candidates using cutting edge technologies along with effective recruiting strategies. The candidates who express interest will be directly contacted by a recruiter for further conversation.


Finally, after the client conducts their internal interviews and decides that they would like to hire the candidate(s), they will provide the NTI team with an offer letter to share with the candidate. Once the offer letter is shared with the candidate and they accept the offer, the rest is history.


Once our team of recruiters attain a handful of qualified candidates (more or less depending on client's request), the candidates will be shared with the client for further review. A group of candidates will be provided to the client in 3-5 days.

Innovative Recruiting Technology

Utilizing an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform enables our recruiters to connect with the best candidates in a timely manner. Once the necessary criteria is plugged into the AI platform, we are provided with high quality candidates who are interested in the opportunity, in the matter of hours. This allows us to provide our clients with top level talent within several days of the initial interaction with the candidate.

Our Network:

Based out of New Jersey, NTI Group has an extensive network of clients and partners on the East and West Coast, which enables us to recruit nationwide. 

We look forward to opening up our network, and connecting you with the best candidates and/or new opportunities!

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